What Sets An International Divorce And Family Law Case Apart?

At a glance, an international divorce is still a divorce. You will still need to resolve the same issues, regardless of whether your case is handled in Atlanta or Paris. Your assets and debts need to be divided, and you will need to determine if either party will receive support. If you have children, you need to arrive at an agreement regarding where your children will live and the amount of child support that is needed.

Similarly, the same issues arise in international custody disputes as those that arise between parties in Georgia. You may have a parent who refuses to follow the court-ordered custody arrangement, or one parent may try to relocate with the child to another jurisdiction.

The difference between international and domestic cases lies in the nuances of law in different countries. Each jurisdiction — whether a country, state or other regional government — has its own procedures and rules that can impact your case. Additionally, the specific facts in your case could affect your divorce or custody issue.

Where Should Your Case Be Handled?

One concern many of our clients face is where to file their divorce, custody issue or other family law matter. One country may have laws that work more in your favor.

For example, imagine that you are a father who lives in the Atlanta area. Your child's mother has relocated with your child to England. If England's laws and courts often favor the mother in custody disputes, it may be beneficial for you to file your custody case locally in Georgia.

While this is a simple example, and there are many factors that can impact the jurisdiction in a case, it shows how the careful selection of a jurisdiction can help lay the foundation for a successful case.

Overseas Assets, Debts And Your Divorce

In any divorce, the division of assets and debts involve two stages. First, you will need to determine which assets and debts need to be divided in your divorce. In Georgia, for example, only marital properly is divided in divorce. Next, the property to be divided must be appropriately valued.

For an international divorce, with assets and debts that span borders, this requires a diligent investigation and a careful assessment of all property. An attorney can help you through the process of identifying and valuing property internationally. This may include coordinating an investigation into hidden assets and working with valuation experts in order to ensure a fair division of property in divorce.

Get Experienced Representation For Your International Family Law Case

International cases require the knowledge of an attorney with cross-border experience. In particular, international child custody disputes require that your attorney have a firm grasp on international comparative law as well as the Hague Convention.

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