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The process of becoming a parent can be daunting for some.  If you are considering growing your family through an alternative method, such as international adoption, surrogacy or assisted reproduction, you may have realized how overwhelming the process can be. For attorney Keren Sohahong-Kombet, this is an area of law in which she has extensive knowledge and experience.  Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Sohahong Law Group guides prospective parents through international adoptions, surrogacy and contractual disputes involving assisted reproduction.  With our law firm at your side, we can help you realize your goal of becoming a parent.

Helping People Become Parents

Any mother or father knows that to be a parent means that you love your child or children to the ends of the earth and back. For some prospective parents, bringing a child into their family may mean that they have to explore parts of the earth other than the United States to establish that parent-child relationship. The large and complex scope of international adoption or surrogacy should not deter you from your dreams of becoming a parent.


At our comprehensive international family law practice, we navigate complex domestic and international family laws. Whether handling an adoption or surrogacy, we will research, analyze and apply domestic and international laws to your case, as appropriate. We have experience working with agencies in Venezuela, Ghana, India, Vietnam, and China, and can adeptly handle adoption and surrogacy in various other countries. From the beginning of the process to finally welcoming your child home, we work to make the complicated process as seamless as possible.

Contractual Disputes

Couples who have chosen to grow their families via in vitro fertilzation (IVF), surrogacy, or other forms of assisted reproduction can encounter unique obstacles that may require litigation. Though we hope that the process to becoming  a parent proceeds as smoothly as possible, unfortunately, problems may sometimes arise. Our law firm handles contractual disputes arising from disagreements that ocur before, during or even after the process.


Sohahong Law Group offers compassionate, discreet legal services to prospective parents in the Atlanta area, and throughout the world. Whether you are just beginning to explore your adoption or surrogacy options, have started the process and hit a roadblock, or are involved in a contractual dispute involving assisted reproduction, please call (404)343-4120 or email us at to schedule a confidential consultation with our lawyer.

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